Star Wars Visions Season 2 Cast, Run Time, Story, Episode List & Details

An animated anthology series called Star Wars: Visions was produced for the American streaming platform Disney+. The series, created by Lucasfilm, comprises a variety of unique tales either set in or drawn from the Star Wars world.

Beyond any one animation style, “Star Wars: Visions” provides a more comprehensive foundation for a joyful Star Wars narrative. As the shorts embark on a worldwide tour to celebrate the incredible animation taking place across nations and cultures, Volume 2 will highlight this potential.

The second collection of animated shorts from studios around the world, including Lucasfilm (USA), Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), Punkrobot (Chile), Aardman (UK), Studio Mir (South Korea), Studio La Cachette (France), 88 Pictures (India), D’art Shtajio (Japan), and El Guiri (Spain).

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Q. What is the release date of Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

A. The release date is May 4, 2023.

Q. Where can you watch Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

A. You can watch it on Disney+.

Q. What is the run time of Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

A. The run time is around 13–22 minutes.

Q. Which OTT platform will stream Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

A. Disney+ will exclusively stream it and in India, you can binge-watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

Q. When Star Wars: Visions Season 2 will release in OTT?

A. It will release on May 4, 2023, on OTT platform Disney+.

Q. What is the total no of episodes of Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

A. The total no. of episodes in Star Wars: Visions Season 2 is 9 and the total no. of episodes in Star Wars: Visions Season 1 is also 9.

Q. Is Star Wars: Visions Season 2 based on a true story?

A. No, it is not based on a true story and it is a fictional animated series based on Star Wars by George Lucas.

Q. Is there any trailer for Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

A. Yes, you can watch the trailer below:


The first volume of Star Wars: Visions is a compilation of animated short films that presents Star Wars “through the lens of the world’s best anime creators” and gives a fresh, varied viewpoint.

The films, which were developed outside of the restrictions of the franchise’s established canon, provide each filmmaker and production company artistic latitude while remaining faithful to the concepts and emotional identity of the Star Wars saga. Additional volumes showcase animation trajectories from various international businesses.

Cast & Characters:

As the series is animated there’s no real cast.

Other Information:

Language: Japanese & English

Genre: Action-adventure, Anthology, Science fiction and Space opera

Creator: Lucasfilm Animation

Director: Rodrigo Blaas, Julien Chheng, Daniel Clarke, Nadia Darries, Magdalena Osinska, Gabriel Osorio Vargas, Hyeong Geun Park, Ishan Shukla, LeAndre Thomas, Paul Young

Writer: Rodrigo Blaas, Julien Chheng, Daniel Clarke, Nadia Darries

Producer: Jacqui Lopez, Josh Rimes, James Waugh

Production: Lucasfilm, 88 Pictures, El Guiri, Cartoon Saloon, Punkrobot, Aardman, Studio Mir, Studio La Cachette, D’art Shtajio, Triggerfish

Star Wars: Visions Season 1 Episode Details:

Episode No.Episode TitleEpisode DetailsRun Time
S1 Ep1“The Duel”A lone traveler known only as the “Ronin” observes a legion of former storm troopers attempt to besiege a tiny settlement in an alternate universe 20 years after a conflict between the Feudal-Jedi Empire and a renegade Jedi cult known as the Sith. While his droid protects the villagers, the Ronin battles the bandit leader, a self-declared Dark Lord of the Sith wielding a heavily modified light saber. The Ronin, who was once a Sith, eventually lures the bandit leader into a trap and kills her. The Ronin, who is shown acquiring red kyber crystals from every Sith he has dispatched, chooses to distribute the villager’s crystal to the villagers, claiming that it has the power to fend off evil.14 minutes
S1 Ep2“Tatooine Rhapsody”A Jedi Padawan called Jay makes an effort to flee the Clone Wars but instead encounters a Hutt named Gee. Jay agrees to become the lead vocalist of Gee’s rock band Star Waver in exchange for Gee taking him in. The bounty hunter Boba Fett is after the Star Waver member’s years later, during the rule of the Galactic Empire. After capturing Gee, Fett says that Jabba the Hutt wants to have him put to death since Gee doesn’t want to join his family’s criminal organization. The other Star Waver members are motivated by Jay to travel to Tatooine in an effort to save Gee, and they are successful in persuading Jabba to allow them to perform one more song together before Gee is put to death. The crowd at the execution like the song, and Jabba finally decides to save Gee and become the group’s first sponsor.13 minutes
S1 Ep3“The Twins”Following the Battle of Exegol, the surviving members of the First Order and Sith Eternal start building two joined Star Destroyers that contain a powerful super laser that can destroy planets. They are also able to produce two biological twins named Karre and Am who are Force-sensitive thanks to Sith alchemy, whom they subsequently educate in the dark side of the Force. The twins ultimately rise to prominence as the remnant’s leaders and have a super weapon-based strategy to overthrow the New Republic. Karre, however, takes the sizable kyber crystal that powers the super weapon and goes rogue on the day the weapon is meant to be unleashed owing to a vision he had about the murder of his sister. Karre confronts Am outside the Star Destroyers, and the two engage in combat. Am utilizes a portion of the crystal that is broken in half during the conflict to power a metal exoskeleton against Karre’s warning that she would perish as a result. Karre is able to take out Am’s super laser and sliver of crystal using his X-wing and the force of hyperspace. He then crashes on Tatooine and makes a promise to save his sister from the evil side.17 minutes
S1 Ep4“The Village Bride”Years after the Great Jedi Purge, an adventurer by the name of Valco attracts a former Jedi Padawan by the name of F to a distant world. The village chief’s granddaughter Haru and her fiancé Asu want to surrender to the bandits as collateral the next morning, while Haru’s sister Saku wants to engage in combat with the bandits, according to Valco, who says that the bandit raiders have reprogrammed old Separatist battle droids and are holding the town captive. The following morning, F takes off her disguise and trims her padawan braid as Haru is dragged towards the approaching robbers. F and Valco intervene and kill all of the bandits as F claims to be a Jedi as they stop the bandits from killing Saku as they disclose they have caught her and are about to execute her. After that, F leaves the planet.18 minutes
S1 Ep5“The Ninth Jedi”Margrave Juro welcomes seven Jedi to his airborne temple to receive light sabers whose design has been lost to time; many generations after the Jedi Order had mostly disappeared. One of the Jedi, Ethan, receives a light saber from Juro’s robot, who also assures him that the others will come soon. Before being taken prisoner by hunters working for the Sith on the planet Hy Izlan below, the saber smith Lah Zhima completes the last few light sabers, including one for his Force-sensitive daughter Kara. Kara arranges transportation to the temple and gives the other six Jedi their light sabers before they disclose they are Sith imposters out to murder Juro and any remaining Jedi. Five of the Sith are killed by Kara and Ethan with the help of Juro’s droid, who turns out to be Juro in disguise. The last Sith, Homen, is spared since he was a Jedi survivor who had been corrupted by the influence of the imposters. Joining Juro’s new Jedi Order, Ethan, Kara, and Homen get ready to save Lah Zhima, who is imprisoned on a planet under the control of the Sith.22 minutes
S1 Ep6“T0-B1”T0-B1 (Tobi), a robot created by Professor Mitaka and living on a barren planet soon after the Great Jedi Purge, harbors the ambition of becoming a Jedi Knight. One day, Mitaka informs him that in order to make a light saber and become a Jedi, he needs locate a kyber crystal. T0-B1 searches the entire globe but comes up empty. He disobeys Mitaka’s orders to never go down his basement, finds a spacecraft, and inadvertently transmits a signal informing a Sith Inquisitor of their location. Mitaka exposes himself to be a former Jedi while concealing T0-B1 and the hilt of his previous light saber. T0-B1 emerges from his hiding place to find that the Inquisitor has destroyed Mitaka’s laboratory and murdered him. The Inquisitor confronts T0-B1 after he successfully terraforms the planet and continues his studies. T0-B1 defeats the Inquisitor in a fight after Mitaka’s light saber is fixed. It turns out that T0-B1 is powered by a kyber crystal and was created by Mitaka to be able to use the Force. After that, he leaves the planet to continue Mitaka’s legacy by exploring the cosmos.14 minutes
S1 Ep7“The Elder”               Tajin and his Padawan Dan are ordered to investigate the Outer Rim when Tajin detects a disturbance in the force, which occurs centuries after the death of Darth Bane and the initial extinction of the Sith. They arrive in a secluded settlement after landing on an isolated planet and learning about a strange elder guy who climbed a mountain. Dan finds the man after following the Elder’s lead and learns that he was a former Sith who fled the order before it disintegrated. Dan is hurt by the Elder, and Tajin shows there to battle the Elder. Tajin just about manages to kill the Elder, who disintegrates into a stony silt and explodes as he passes away, destroying his spacecraft. Tajin explains to Dan that being a Jedi involves being kindhearted so they do not end up like the Elder as they depart the hamlet once Dan has recovered.16 minutes
S1 Ep8“Lop and Ochō”On the planet Tau, under the rule of the Empire, a rabbit-like alien slave by the name of Lop escapes her captors and is found by Yasaburo and his daughter Och. Och then persuades Yasaburo to take Lop in as his own daughter. After seven years, the Empire has taken over their planet and is using its natural resources; Yasaburo wants to expel the Empire, while Och wants to work with it. Despite Lop’s objections, Och enlists in the Imperial navy after failing to persuade Yasaburo to join her. Yasaburo gives the Force-sensitive Lop the family heirloom, an old light saber that was handed to their ancestor and carried down the centuries, and then he leaves to fight Och. In a fight, Och blinds Yasaburo, but Lop shows up and hurts Och, forcing him to flee. Then, Lop swears to take Och back home.20 minutes
S1 Ep9“Akakiri”A Jedi called Tsubaki, who has been experiencing visions of an unnamed person dying in front of him, reunites with his former love Misa, a princess who has been ousted by her dark-side-wielding aunt Masago, before the Sith are ultimately exterminated. Tsubaki and Misa travel to the royal palace with the assistance of their advisers Senshuu and Kamahachi. Tsubaki’s pals are taken captive by Masago, who subsequently forces one of them to join her as an apprentice after overwhelming him. When Tsubaki declines, Masago’s masked goons attack him; Tsubaki kills them, but unintentionally kills Misa while she is wearing their uniform, as he had predicted. Tsubaki, who is wholly destroyed, consents to work with Masago in a dyad to revive Misa and then leaves.13 minutes

Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Episode Details:

Episode No.Episode TitleEpisode DetailsRun Time
S2 Ep1“Sith”When her former master finds the former Sith apprentice, who is now living a quiet but lonely life, she is forced to face her past.13–22 minutes
S2 Ep2“Screecher’s Reach”A teenage girl and her pals stumble onto a rumored haunted cave while seeking solace from their days spent in a remote workhouse. Her life’s course will be permanently altered by the cave’s alluring darkness.  13–22 minutes
S2 Ep3“In the Stars”Two sisters argue about how to survive as the Empire closes in on their devastated home where they are the last of their kind. When the sisters are found on a water run, they have to defend themselves.  13–22 minutes
S2 Ep4“I Am Your Mother”Young pilot Anni, who is humiliated by her adoring but overbearing mother, is forced to join forces with her in an absurd family race at the academy. Their relationship is put to the test along the journey by the weather, their ageing ship, other racers, and each other!  13–22 minutes
S2 Ep5“Journey to the Dark Head”A naive mechanic and a disillusioned young Jedi join forces on a perilous and improbable mission to change the course of the galactic war, but evil forces are pursuing them.13–22 minutes
S2 Ep6“The Spy Dancer”The top dancer at a well-known cabaret that the Imperials visit employs her special skills to spy for the Rebellion, but the presence of a mystifying officer puts her mission in jeopardy.13–22 minutes
S2 Ep7“The Bandits of Golak”A boy and his force-sensitive younger sister flee from his town by train while being chased by fierce Imperial soldiers. They seek safety in a bustling and highly dangerous dhaba.13–22 minutes
S2 Ep8“The Pit”A brave young prisoner who has been made by the Empire to go looking for Kyber prepares a perilous escape for himself and his fellow prisoners.13–22 minutes
S2 Ep9“Aau’s Song”A loving but strict father instructs a young alien who longs to sing to be quiet since her raspy voice will destroy the crystals in the neighboring mines.13–22 minutes

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